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Roof Installation Process Sometimes you hire a contractor to fix something on your home, but you really have no idea what he or she is doing or what certain terms mean. You hope they did a good job, you pay them, and then you cross your fingers that it holds up. When it comes to
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Fall Home Renovations It’s good to do minor exterior and interior prep during fall, but more serious construction shouldn’t be overlooked in the cooler months. There are many benefits to completing renovations later in the year. At Turner Roofing, we love fall renovations. Contact us so we can give you a quality renovation that you,
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Winter Roof Preparation   While you’re stocking up on hot cocoa and new coats for the family, it’s a good idea to take care of a few winter maintenance tasks for your home. Your roof will help keep you cozy, warm, and safe all winter long. But you have to make sure it’s ready to
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