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Clean Your Gutters, Protect Your Roof

Check out our guide on cleaning your gutters for help on what to do and how often to clean them. For more on roofs and clean gutters contact Turner RoofingClean Gutters

If you have gutters attached to the roof of your home, you’ll discover that they fill up quickly with dead leaves and other debris. It’s smart to not ignore them, hoping everything will wash out in the next rainstorm. If you do that, you risk harming your roof, destroying your gutters, and ending up with water seeping into and possibly damaging your foundation. Here are some tips for keeping your gutters clean year-round (contact us for more information).


When to Clean Your Gutters


Ideally, you should clean out your gutters at least twice a year. If you have trees near the roof of your house, clean them out more often. Pick a month when the weather is mild and you’ll have full access to the gutters. May and October are great months for most regions, though you’ll need to modify that based on your climate. Definitely wait until the snow and ice has fully melted before cleaning.


What to Use


You’ll need a strong, self-stable ladder, a good pair of garden gloves, a garden trowel or similar tool, a trash bag or compost container, and a garden hose attached to a water source. Always make sure that the person doing the cleaning is capable of working on a ladder and will conduct the cleaning safely.


What to Do


Securely stand on the ladder and use the trowel to scoop out all the debris in the gutter. You might need to use a gloved hand to get everything out. If there is a downspout that is blocked, you may need to take it apart and clean it by hand. Use the running water from the garden hose to fully clean out the gutters once you’ve scooped everything out. This will wash it clear and allow you to see if there are any leaks in the gutter.


If you’re ready to learn more about ways to prevent damage to your roof and to see if your roof needs maintenance, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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