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Window Condensation   Rumor has it that condensation indicates your windows are failing – but what if you just had your windows replaced? Condensation is normal for some windows, and is highly preventable in those that are less energy-efficient. Contact Turner Roofing with questions about window condensation. How and Why Condensation Happens   Condensation is
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Window Types Windows come in a variety of styles with a large selection of opening mechanisms to help make your life easier. Different situations call for different choices. Contact Turner Roofing for a consultation about which windows best fit your home and lifestyle.   Double-Pane Windows   Double-pane windows are exactly what they sound like
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New Windows   Every home relies on windows for natural light and to open up dark rooms. Your current windows may not provide you with the maximum possible benefits. In fact, drafty windows can end up costing you significant money. Before your windows drain your bank account, consider investing in new ones. Contact Turner Roofing
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