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Energy efficiency is a big buzz word in our modern society and it seems like everyone is focused on some new product that will reduce our energy bills. But when it comes to windows, you don’t want to blow it off as just a passing trend. Drafty houses are no fun and make for really
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How Much is a New Roof?

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Replacing your roof can be a costly endeavor. Though, thankfully, it only has to be done every couple of decades or more. To make sure you’ve got enough of a budget saved up, we’ve created a guide to help you determine exactly how much that new roof is going to cost. Read on to start
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You might have a drafty old house or just know that upgrading your windows will save big on your energy bills. Whatever your reasons, upgrading is a great idea. To figure out exactly how much your window project will cost, we’ve created a pricing guide. Here are some window types and general costs to help
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Every few decades (or sooner if you’re unlucky), you’ll need to replace your roof. It might be tempting to just stick with the same material type that was already on there. But you should look at all your options before committing to a decision. Here are a few of the top materials that might help
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