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Turner Roofing Company, Inc. has been offering professional, affordable, and reliable roofing to the Baltimore Metro Area and Harford County area since 1982. Our family-owned and operated business provides our customers with the high-quality and efficient workmanship that they expect at an exceptional value. With our prompt and dependable service, we ensure your total satisfaction.
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COVID-19 Update

A note to our employees and customers:

Turner Roofing will remain open during the current non-essential shutdown. Roofing companies are considered essential and we are preforming business as usual.

We are a small business of less than 100 employees who are close nit and concerned for each other. Every employee and customer has a huge impact on our daily life. Due to the current environment, we feel it is important for us to let our customers know their safety as well as our employees is a high priority. This is why we want to let you know what steps we are taking to help reduce the impact on Covid-19. We are closely monitoring the CDC and their recommendations to apply it to our business for your safety and ours.

  • We are sanitizing our office and work spaces regularly
  • Employees are using hand sanitizer regularly
  • Employees have also been instructed not to report to work if they experience fever, cough or any Flu-like symptoms
  • All doors, phones, keyboards, desks, and any other surfaces frequently touched are being sanitized regularly
  • All vehicles are equipped with hand sanitizer for each employee to use regularly
  • Most if not all of our roofing equipment requires gloves for the safety of the employees

  • The uncertainty of this virus will not change our goal to serve our customers. May God Bless you all.

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    Turner Roofing Company, Inc. is a full service commercial roofing contractor located in Maryland. The goal of Turner Roofing Company, Inc. is to provide full service, quality specialized services in the areas of purchasing, supply of materials, installation, repair, replacment, and other services needed for commercial roofing. Turner roofing serves the needs of our client's throughout the state of Maryland and surrounding areas.

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    At Turner Roofing Company, Inc. we take the extra step to provide exemplary performance as a roofing contractor. We pay close attention to our customer’s satisfaction. As a result, Turner Roofing Company, Inc. has become one of the most trusted roofing contractors in our industry. Our success is based on long-term client relationships with satisfied families who expect and receive exceptionally high quality services at fair prices.

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    As an experienced government contractor, Turner Roofing is knowledgeable in both federal and local government regulations and requirements. Our company has departments that are geared specifically to the needs of large and small scale government projects. From our estimating and project management departments to our operations and safety departments, Turner Roofing Company, Inc. can meet your every need.

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