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What Natural Hazards Can Damage Roofing in Maryland?

We may love Maryland’s variable climate, but it can seriously damage your roof. Here is what to know about Weather Related Roof Damage.Weather Related Roof Damage

Nature and climate are some of the biggest dangers and expenses for homes and homeowners. With two climates and four seasons, Maryland homeowners face numerous weather-related hazards that could wreak havoc on their roofs. What are some things that homeowners should be aware of?


Ice and snow


Anyone who has carried a full bucket knows how heavy water can be. Imagine all that weight resting on your home roof, and you can understand how a long, snowy winter can cause serious damage.


Heat from inside can rise and melt the ice and snow, causing water to flow downward and soak through flashing and any cracks. Freezing in gutters can cause water to back up into the house, causing further damage.


Strong winds


Strong winds often batter the state’s coastal region, creating another hazard for roofing in Maryland. Not only can winds tear off roofing materials and create additional pressure on the roof, but it can also cause tree branches and other debris to fall on the roof.


Roofs with fewer slopes, such as gable roofs, tend to be more vulnerable to strong winds. If you are building a new house or replacing your roof, be aware of how the roof’s style and material will withstand any strong winds.


Summer heat


The summer sun can also cause roof damage, especially to shingles. The heat can cause shingles to curl or crack, increasing the risk of leaks. Good ventilation in the attic can help mitigate heat damage.




Many homeowners have dealt with the unpleasant task of removing pests who have set up housekeeping in their roof and attic. Keep raccoons, hornets, and other wildlife away from your roof and out of your attic by trimming back trees and putting metal screens over roof vents.


Cleaning home gutters is no one’s favorite chore, but not only can it keep water from backing up into your home, it also can keep pests from building nests out of the debris. While cleaning the gutters, look for any openings where unwanted critters could sneak in.


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