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The Process of Siding a House

Ever been curious about how siding is installed? Uncover the details of how it’s done. For more on Home Siding Installation, give us a call!

Home Siding Installation

With siding on so many homes across the country, it’s something we often take for granted. This durable cover offers fabulous benefits to your home — but how is it installed? Turner Roofing employees are well versed in siding. We want our customers to feel as comfortable with it as we do.


Prep the House First


Your house must be prepared for new siding before installation begins. It’s a good idea for professionals, such as those at Turner Roofing, to remove old siding. Contact us if you’ve never removed siding or if you find a major problem. Professionals can alert you to problems such as dry rot, water damage, and evidence of rodents or insects. They should eradicate the problem before installing new siding. Old siding should be disposed of in a responsible manner.


Add Foundation


New siding won’t make a difference without a good foundation. In this case, the foundation is solid insulation. Insulation begins with a strong starter strip. You’ll never see the strip, but it will protect your home from interior and exterior problems. Later, after inside and outside corners are flashed, the actual insulation will be added.


Use the Correct Tools


Tools will vary depending on your siding type, but most installation jobs use a basic tool set. Siding must be installed on a flat surface, and walls must be lined with rigid foam boards about ½ an inch thick. You will need the correct soffit and fascia, which take several steps to install on their own. You should not install siding on any walls until insulation is in place.


Watch Out for Obstructions


Faucets, decks suspended from walls, pipes, and other obstructions can slow down your siding installation. Make note of all obstructions first and deal with them one at a time. For instance, you’ll need to pull an obstructing faucet from the wall or shift its feeding pipe before installing insulation.


These are only a few of the steps involved in proper siding installation. Contact Turner Roofing to learn more, to share any concerns, or to set up a consultation.

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