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How to Know When You Need New Windows

New windows can save you money and increase the value of your home. Here are some signs that yours need to be replaced. Get started todayNew Windows


Every home relies on windows for natural light and to open up dark rooms. Your current windows may not provide you with the maximum possible benefits. In fact, drafty windows can end up costing you significant money. Before your windows drain your bank account, consider investing in new ones. Contact Turner Roofing to learn more about the signs that indicate you need new windows.


Cracks, Chips, and Rot


Window cracks are more than cosmetic damage. They let in drafts, which hurts your home’s energy efficiency. Rotting window frames are an open invitation for mildew and mold. Watch out for rot especially if you live in a wet climate. Cracked panes are signs it’s time to replace the windows because they can let in several problems, including insects or rodents that might severely damage your home.


Temperature Problems


Your window panes should not feel hot or cold to the touch, even if you live in an area with extreme temperatures. If your window glass feels freezing or hot, it’s a sign the windows are no longer regulating temperature. Additionally, take note if sitting next to a window leaves you hot or cold. Spots near windows should not differ in temperature from the rest of your home.


Condensation Buildup


Frost looks beautiful on windows during winter, but that beauty has a downside. Frost and condensation buildup often lead to water damage. The more warm air is trapped in your house, the more condensation will build, sort of like a mirror steaming up when you take a shower. Excessive condensation and water damage can lead to mold and mildew. If condensation is a constant problem, replace your windows.


Stuck Windows


Opening and closing your windows should not be a workout. If your windows stick, or if they creak when handled, you might need replacements. Consider replacing windows if they open with a crank, because this type of window is usually not energy-efficient. Contact Turner Roofing to learn about new window styles and to choose the best and most efficient ones for your home.

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