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Should You Replace or Remodel Your Windows?

Once you decide to replace your home windows, you must determine whether to keep your current design or go with something new. Read here for tips.

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When looking for new windows, you have some choices to make. The biggest decision is whether to replace your windows with a new version of the same shape or to go with something more unique or custom-made. Whether you need to replace your windows depends on a number of factors. Contact Turner Roofing if you’re not sure whether to repair or replace.


Signs Your Windows Need Repair


Most of the signs your windows need repair are signs they should be replaced, but a minor problem should be repaired before you invest in new windows. New windows are expensive, so consider first whether a problem can be fixed.


Drafts are the first sign of repair needs, because they occur when the window frame or panes become cracked or chipped, or when the frame itself starts to rot. Drafts hurt your home’s energy efficiency because the windows can no longer regulate temperature. Caulking and weather-stripping can repair minor drafts.


If your windows stick, they may need repair. “Sticky” windows happen in humid climates with plenty of rainy days. As window frames take on moisture, they swell, making them more difficult to manipulate. The frames may “shrink” again during dry seasons, but if this is a frequent problem, call a repair professional.


Your windows need repair if they are leaking. Window frames leak if the windows cannot fully close. If left untreated, this causes significant water damage, which lowers your home’s value and may lead to mold problems. Check for cracks and other cosmetic damage that may be behind the leak.


Signs Your Windows Need Replacement


No window lasts forever, so it’s crucial to know the difference between what can be repaired and what warrants a window replacement. Contact Turner Roofing if you aren’t sure, but watch for certain signs.


Condensation is a big reason homeowners replace their windows. Condensation, like drafts, is a sign the windows are no longer energy-efficient. Condensation signals too much warm air is trapped inside your house, and the windows are absorbing too much moisture. You may notice it between the panes or on the glass.


Additionally, replace your windows if they feel hot or cold to the touch, or if sitting next to a window makes you feel hot or cold. Your windows’ temperature should not vary greatly from anywhere else in the house. If it does, your windows are no longer regulating temperature. Contact Turner Roofing about window replacements or to discuss energy-efficient options.


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