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The Reason Windows Gather Condensation

There’s plenty of conflicting information about what it means when you have window condensation. Actually, it all depends on the age of your windows.Window Condensation


Rumor has it that condensation indicates your windows are failing – but what if you just had your windows replaced? Condensation is normal for some windows, and is highly preventable in those that are less energy-efficient. Contact Turner Roofing with questions about window condensation.

How and Why Condensation Happens


Condensation is formed when warm, moist air interacts with cool, dry air. Either type of air can come from inside or outside your house. If you’ve ever seen a mirror fog up when you take a shower, you’re already familiar with condensation. Your windows fog or sweat in reaction to different temperatures. This is normal in some cases. For instance, your windows might fog on a humid day with short bursts of rain showers followed by long periods of sunshine. You also may see condensation or frost during winter, when the cold outdoor air reacts with your home’s heated air.

When Condensation is a Problem


Whether you have old or new windows, too much condensation leads to several issues. If your windows are sweating so much the sills are wet, you are at risk for water damage and swollen frames. Swollen frames make your windows more difficult to open and close, and may decrease their longevity. Water damage and constant sweating leads to stains, mold, mildew, and in some cases, a musty smell around your windows.


Beware of significant condensation if you live in a humid area or regularly use gas and propane appliances. The heat can aggravate window sweating. You also can expect condensation if you’ve recently installed new concrete, which takes 8-12 months to dry.


Removing Condensation


Before settling on a solution, use a hygrometer to determine your home’s humidity. Many models are inexpensive, and the results will tell you whether you need a window replacement or if you can fix the problem, yourself. Fans or dehumidifiers help circulate air and regulate temperature so your windows and sills don’t sweat. Leaving the windows open during the day also circulates fresh air through the house. Weather stripping or caulking may help, too.


If you have severe condensation problems or would like to discuss solutions, contact Turner Roofing for help choosing the best solution for your home.

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