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How to Prepare for Your Roof Inspection

If it’s been awhile since you had your roof inspected? We created a guide for your Roof Inspection Preparation. Contact Turner Roofing for more info.Roof Inspection Preparation


So you’ve determined that your roof is probably a mess and will need to be replaced or at least repaired. You’ve pulled out a list of possible contractors who could work with you to find out what needs to be replaced and how much it will be. But you’re not sure what will happen when they come to your house. Will they use words you’re not familiar with? Here’s a quick guide to help you become prepared to make the best choice when it comes to replacing your roof (contact us to get started!).




The roofing contractor will want to look at your roof closely, which means climbing on up there to check things out. They will also want to go into your attic to see what kinds of damage might be lurking in there, indicating a problem on the exterior. They will look at a number of things, including:


  • To ensure that everything is still effective and not damaged.
  • They will check this both externally and internally from the attic. A roof needs good ventilation to work correctly.
  • Signs of moisture or mold inside the attic. This would likely be caused by a leaky roof or other exterior pieces that are faulty.
  • Visible leaks. They will carefully inspect all areas that look like they are no longer waterproof.
  • Shingle condition. All shingles will be assessed for damage to determine if they need to be replaced.
  • This is the material used to protect the cracks and spaces in between roof shingles and chimneys, eaves, valleys, and so forth. It it’s not working correctly, it can quickly turn into a leaky problem.
  • If your chimney isn’t in good repair, it can easily cause damage to your roof, both on the exterior and in the interior.
  • These help direct water away from your roof and can help to prevent pools and flooding. If they’re damaged, full of leaves and other materials, or improperly installed, they can’t do their job effectively.


If you’re ready to have your roof thoroughly inspected, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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