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Year Round Roof Maintenance

Your roof should last many years. Include regular inspections and care for your roof in your home maintenance to-do list. Find out more on Roof Maintenance.Roof Maintenance

If you’ve recently replaced your home’s roof, you know how big of an expense it was. And you’d probably like to avoid paying for a replacement again for a really long time. The best way to get the most years out of your roof is to maintain it all year round. Where you live makes a difference in maintenance requirements, but there are many tasks that everyone should keep in mind. These tips will help you keep that roof on for years and years to come (contact us for more information).




Doing anything with a roof can be very dangerous. Never go near your roof when it is wet or icy. If you don’t feel comfortable climbing a ladder, don’t have good balance, and don’t do well with heights, stay on the ground and call someone to come help!


Keeping it Clear


Your roof needs to stay clear, if possible. After a storm you can clear off fallen branches and other debris. If you’ve just endured an extraordinarily large snowfall, you might consider pulling some of the snow off the roof with a special tool (which can mostly be done from the ground) to reduce the weight on your roof. Also clean out your gutters and other areas that accumulate debris.


Remove Moss


You can buy specially-formulated sprays to put onto your mossy roof areas. Let it soak in and do its job, then hose it down with water. Any extra problems areas will probably call for a professional.


Check Your Attic


Every few months, it’s a good idea to climb on up to the attic to see what’s going on. Look for signs of leaks, mold, mildew, fungus, and pests such as birds or rodents. If you see anything suspicious, it’s time to call in someone to take care of the problem.

Keep Your Vines and Trees Trimmed


If you have vines growing on the sides of your home, make sure they don’t reach up to your roof. They will grow under and into the shingles, making a mess of your roof. Also keep an eye on your trees. Branches that are hanging too close to the roof could cause issues in stormy weather or might just grow against the roof, pushing shingles every which way.


Regular Roof Inspections


Make sure to always schedule regular roof inspections, at least yearly if not every six months. A professional roof contractor can conduct an inspection and discuss any issues that you’ve noticed. If something needs to be repaired, soon after the damage has occurred is the best time to fix it. Letting issues sit can lead to other (and potentially bigger) problems down the road.



For support with all your roofing needs, contact Turner Roofing!

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