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How to Tell When Your Home Needs New Siding

Is your siding reaching the end of its life? Here are some signs that indicate when you are in need of New Home Siding. Get started today! New Home Siding

Siding is important for protecting your home’s exterior. Regardless of the type you use, siding helps maintain internal temperatures and even prevents mold. There are certain telltale signs that indicate your siding needs to be replaced. If and when your home needs new siding, whether from wind damage or other causes, Turner Roofing is here for you. Contact us about siding replacement.


Cracks, Dings, and Chips


One small crack in siding might not get your attention, but these little cosmetic problems can quickly multiply. This is especially true if you live in an area prone to severe weather. Many dents, breaks, and chips come from hailstones. Hail compromises even the most durable siding’s ability to protect your home. Heavy rain, lightning, and flying debris from high winds also contribute to the wear and tear of siding.


Dry Rot


Dry rot, mold, and their counterparts occur when your siding is overexposed to moisture. Mold and rot look and smell terrible. Additionally, they compromise the health of everyone in your home. Several types of mold carry bacteria and parasites that cause potentially fatal diseases, including aspergillosis, pneumonia, liver diseases, and intestinal bleeding. Mold and rot also have been linked to certain cancers.


Loose Siding


Some siding types are more likely to pop loose than others. This sometimes happens because of installation issues, but it’s typically a sign of wear and tear. Replace your siding if you notice large portions are loose and your own efforts don’t fix the problem. Watch for buckling and bubbling, too; these are often the first signs your siding is coming loose.


Peeling Paint and Wallpaper


Observe your home’s interior when considering whether you need new siding. Is the wallpaper or paint peeling or chipping? This is usually because loose or cracked siding is letting in moisture. Replace the siding immediately to avoid larger problems later.


Fading or Outdated Color


Sometimes, the first sign your home needs replacement siding is its aesthetics. Old siding often looks faded and dirty. The more you have to stain or repaint your siding, the more likely it is you need to replace the siding altogether. Turner Roofing offers siding in all colors and styles. Contact us to discuss your options.

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