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Get Your Roof Ready for Winter

As winter looms ahead, don’t forget to add your roof to your checklist of things to do. Learn more about winter roof preparation.Winter Roof Preparation


While you’re stocking up on hot cocoa and new coats for the family, it’s a good idea to take care of a few winter maintenance tasks for your home. Your roof will help keep you cozy, warm, and safe all winter long. But you have to make sure it’s ready to go. Here are 5 ways to help you make sure this is a hassle-free and fun winter (contact us for more information).



Do a visual inspection of the perimeter of your roof

First, it’s helpful to look for obvious things that might cause issues with your roof soon or in the future. Be sure to keep an eye on trees, vines, and shrubs that might be growing close to your roof. It’s a good idea to keep them trimmed so they won’t disturb the roofing material, potentially leading to broken components and a leaking roof.



Check the inside of your attic

Head on upstairs and look for obvious signs of issues inside. If you see warping, rotting, mildew, or mold, you might have a leaky roof. Any kind of red flag should tell you that it’s time to get things patched up and watertight before the winter storms blow in.



Safely climb up to the roof

If you don’t think you’re physically capable of doing this yourself, be sure to get a professional to help. Either way, it’s a good idea to have another person on the ground to help and to be there for safety. Once on the roof, look closely at the shingles, flashing, and other parts of the roof. If you can, sweep off the roof to give it a fresh start.



Clean out the gutter

While you’re up on the ladder, it’s a smart plan to also clean out the gutters. You want to make sure that water can escape easily and get far away from your roof without issues. Also clean out the downspouts and make sure water runs easily through them. If water backs up in a downspout or a clogged gutter, the standing water can turn into ice which can cause significant damage to your roof through ice damming.



Get an inspection

If your roof is at least a few years old and you’ve seen some signs of wear, it’s probably time to call in someone to give it a look. A professional roofing contractor can set your mind at ease and repair any issues, making sure that your roof is all set for the winter.


When you’re ready for a thorough investigation of your roof and winter-proofing repairs, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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