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Bad Roof Job? 4 Things to Watch Out For

Figure out if your roof contractor is doing a bad job and costing you a lot of money in the long run. Learn more from our guide today!Roof Contractor

If you’re in the middle of a roof repair or replacement, you might be worried that your contractor isn’t doing a good job. It’s an expensive project, so it’s important to be concerned. We’ve put together a guide of 4 ways to tell if your contractor is cutting corners and not doing a quality job. Read on to learn more about bad roofing practices (contact us for more information).


Doesn’t install the flashing correctly

Flashing are the pieces, often made from metal, that go in the “in between” places where shingles don’t quite cover. This can be in the valleys of the roof or in the cracks between the roof and the chimney. They help to divert the water away from vulnerable areas and are crucial to keeping your roof and house dry. If it isn’t installed correctly, you’re in for some serious roof damage. You can tell if it’s not installed right by watching for leaks and build up in those areas. Bottom line is to keep an eye on your flashing.


Doesn’t nail shingles on right

There’s a proper technique with nailing shingles, and if your contractor isn’t doing it right you’ll know. If shingles lift up at the bottom when the wind blows, they haven’t been attached correctly and can detach easily. If you can see that nails have been attached too low on the roof, the shingles can come apart and aren’t waterproof. These situations will almost always result in damage to shingles and leaking into your house.


Covers up broken shingles with new ones

Anything on your roof that is damaged should be removed entirely and replaced with a new, effective material. Any contractor that just covers up broken items is absolutely cutting corners. You will end up with having to replace the work and possibly with more damage to fix down the road.


Doesn’t put in proper ventilation

Ventilation is an important part of an effective roofing system. If heat can’t escape through the ventilation, it will cause damage to your roof and ultimately your home. If a contractor doesn’t emphasize installing ventilation in your roof, it’s time to hire a new one.


If you’re ready to work with a contractor that does work right the first time, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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