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A Guide to Energy Efficient Windows

Is it time to upgrade your windows? We’ve created a guide to help you better understand what makes and energy efficient window!Energy Efficient Window

We all know that windows of the past were easily drafty, rickety, and cost us a fortune in heating in the winter. You’ve probably heard people talking about energy efficiency and how windows can make or break how efficient your home actually is. But not everyone truly understands what makes a window energy efficient. There are lots of ratings and numbers on the stickers on the windows at the store. What do they mean, you wonder. We’ve created a guide to help you better understand what all those numbers mean and how to analyze window energy efficiency (contact us for more information).



Multiple Panes

When it comes to windows, you want to have at least two panes of glass. If you live in an extreme climate or you have a side of the house that gets really hot or cold, you might consider a triple-pane window. The multiple panes slow down cold and heat, more effectively keeping it out of your home.



Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass

This is a special coating that is put on the outside of the glass, reflecting heat back into your house during the winter and reflecting it out of the house during the summer. It also includes UV light protection so your furniture and prized possessions are less likely to get sun-faded.




This nontoxic gas is inserted between the panes of glass, adding an additional buffer of insulation and keeping the weather and extreme temperatures outside.



Quality-Made Frame

No well-made glass is going to be of much use if the frame isn’t good. The frame needs to be of high quality construction, made to be weather-tight and insulating.



Reading the NFRC Label

The numbers you see on the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) label are calculated using special formulas that help window engineers know exactly how to build an efficient window. By understanding the basics of what to look for, you can make the best choices for your home.


  • U-Factor: This number is all about insulation. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the window will be.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC): This number is about how well the window blocks the heat from the sun. The lower the number, the more solar heat that is prevented from getting into your home.
  • Energy Star: When you see this rating at a local store, you’ll know that the window was made for your region and climate to maximize energy efficiency.


If it’s time to upgrade your windows to enhance the energy efficiency in your home, reach out to Turner Roofing!

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