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Budgeting for New Windows

If you’re wondering how much a new window might cost, we’ve creating a pricing guide just for you. Read on for you New Windows Pricing Guide. New Windows Pricing Guide

You might have a drafty old house or just know that upgrading your windows will save big on your energy bills. Whatever your reasons, upgrading is a great idea. To figure out exactly how much your window project will cost, we’ve created a pricing guide. Here are some window types and general costs to help you get started on your remodeling project (for more information, contact us!).

Prices by Types of Window


You can keep your budget really conservative by choosing standard, factory-made windows that are low hassle to install. Or you can spend a whole lot more by deciding to purchase high quality windows with a lot of customization. Ultimately, it’s up to you how much you would like to spend on windows. Shop around for prices and then go with the one that

you feel is the best value. Here are a few standard costs you might encounter while shopping.


1) Single-Hung Window

Single-hung just generally means that these windows will only open from one direction (usually opened by pushing the bottom section up). They tend to be good, basic windows, but can be limiting and hard to clean.
2) Double-Hung Window

Double-hung windows are nearly the same as the single-hung windows, except that you can open them by pushing up on the bottom section and pulling down on the top section, as well. They let a lot more air into the room, creating a nice breeze when you want some fresh air.


3) Sliding Window



Sliding windows are similar to the single-hung windows, except that they open horizontally instead of vertically. You push one side of the window open, which lets in air from half of the full window.


4) Casement Window



These classic windows open fully, hinging outward. They open with a hand crank, making them an easy open for those who might struggle with pushing or pulling. They are also considered relatively old fashioned and romantic, and look great in a living room or bedroom. These windows are great for efficiency as well, as they push tight against the frame when the wind blows.
For windows to fit every budget, build, or remodel, contact Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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