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A Guide to the Roofing Process

How is a roof installed? We’ve created a brief overview for you of what to expect. Contact Turner Roofing for more on your Roof Installation Process.Roof Installation Process

Sometimes you hire a contractor to fix something on your home, but you really have no idea what he or she is doing or what certain terms mean. You hope they did a good job, you pay them, and then you cross your fingers that it holds up. When it comes to putting on a new roof, you don’t want to be ignorant about such an expensive process. It’s better to know what’s happening so you can make informed decisions. Here’s a brief guide to help you understand the roofing process (contact us for more information).


Step One: Roofer should prepare the property for tear-off and lay tarps over any fragile shrubs or flower beds. The old roofing material is then torn off and deposited in a dump truck or dump trailer.  After the old shingles have been removed, the roofer then cleans up what is left over. Remaining nails, shingle or tile remnants, and any other materials. It needs to be a fresh slate. At this time the roofer will inspect the wood decking and replace any deteriorated wood.


Step Two: Roofer will install drip edge to all roof perimeters. They will then install Ice and Water shield to eves, valleys, and any vulnerable areas. All ventilation materials will be installed at this time also.


Step Three: Install the underlayment. This is the black paper-looking stuff that you’ve probably noticed being installed on other roofs. It helps cover the plywood roof and to protect it from moisture and the elements.


Step Four: Install the starter shingles. These are made specifically for the first couple rows of shingles to prevent leakage from occurring.


Step Five: Finish installing the rest of the shingles and ridge caps. This will be different depending on what type of shingles or sheets of metal is being used.



Step Six: Install finish trim and seal up any areas that might be in question.


Step Seven: Clean up and enjoy your new roof!


If you’re ready to get started with a new roof, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation and estimate!

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