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What Are Double Pane Windows?

If you’ve been putting up with old, single pane windows, you are overdue for a window upgrade! Read on for a quick guide to double pane windows.Energy efficiency is a big buzz word in our modern society and it seems like everyone is focused on some new product that will reduce our energy bills. But when it comes to windows, you don’t want to blow it off as just a passing trend. Drafty houses are no fun and make for really cold winters and too-hot summers. Don’t suffer through the weather. It’s time to upgrade your windows. Here’s a quick guide to double pane windows, what they are, and how they can help you transform the temperature inside your home (for more information, contact us!).

Single Pane Comparison


In the past, all windows were single pane and if you have a really old house, you might just have these windows still installed. They are (and were) made with one pane of glass in the window frame. This was better than no window at all, but by just having one pane you let in more heat and cold throughout the year and you also have to put up with more noise pollution.


Double Pane Windows


Thankfully, double pane windows were invented, helping to curb the issues with single pane windows. These windows are made with two panes of glass with a gap in between them filled with air (and sometimes a non-toxic gas for extra efficiency). When heat or cold moves through the outside window pane, it gets caught in the air in the space between panes. This stops the extreme temperature in its tracks, ensuring that it doesn’t make its way into your home.


The double panes and air in between the panes also help keep your home quieter, causing it to feel more like your personal sanctuary instead of a noisy metro station. You can enjoy the comfort of sleeping better at night and being better able to concentrate on your work and play during the day. You don’t have to stress about heating or cooling bills either, as the panes will effectively keep your home at a more steady temperature all through the year.


To replace those rickety old windows and luxuriate in the quiet, temperate environment created by double pane windows, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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