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Creating a Unique Exterior Look with Vinyl Siding

Vinyl-Siding-GuideIf it’s time for new siding, don’t settle for the same ho-hum boring look. With all the fun options available in vinyl siding today, you can design an incredible look that will make your house appear more high-end and quickly spruced up. We’ve put together some ideas to get you thinking and planning.


Sure, you could just have regular, old horizontal siding installed on your home and be done with the project. It would look clean, new and … potentially boring. If you’re ready to mix it up and have the most talked about house on the block (for all the right reasons), it’s time to give your new siding some more thought. With the variety of options on the market today you can mix styles of siding and pick a complimentary color scheme that will make your home look incredible. You don’t have to fork over a fortune for high-end products with extensive upkeep just to have a beautiful house. Choose a great style for your home and complete it with vinyl siding for a low-maintenance, high-end look that will keep you happy for years (contact us for more information).


Moving Beyond Horizontal


When it comes to custom looks, it’s time to consider vertical siding options. Yes, you can complete your entire home in vertical siding, but it also makes an excellent accent option when most of the rest of your exterior walls are completed in horizontal siding. Focusing on mixing together looks that will give your home a custom style that stands out in a big way.




Sometimes you just need to get a little gutsy and go bold. If you’ve ever had custom color house envy, now is your time to make it happen for your own home. Of course, you need to consider your house style, the goal of your build or renovation look, and your neighbors’ homes. It might be tempting to go crazy and install bold purple siding, but if it doesn’t work with your area, you’ll regret it.


Instead, call in a home designer who comes with excellent reviews. He or she can assess your personal tastes, budget, and neighborhood to determine what options you have. Typically, you’ll pick two or three complimentary colors to give your home a cohesive look that also “pops.”

Get Adventurous


There are a number of vinyl siding styles available, such as board and batten and half-round styles. These are fun looks that, because they are vinyl, avoid the upkeep of yesteryear’s wooden varieties. Pair them as an accent with clapboard-style vinyl siding and you’ll have a unique look that all your neighbors will rave about.



To design, customize, and get started on installing your new siding, contact us at Turner Roofing!

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