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A Guide to Comparing Windows

We’ve created a guide to help you pick through the world of windows to find exactly what you need. Find out more this this New Window GuideWindows are a big investment and the options available today can get mighty overwhelming! We’ve created a guide to help you pick through the world of windows to find exactly what you need.
If your windows are old, rickety, drafty, or just plain worn out, it’s probably time for you to replace them.Here are a few basic window types to consider  (for more information, contact us!).


Types of Windows


  • Single-Hung. These windows only open from one direction. You push them from the bottom up, opening the bottom half of the window. The top half of the window is fixed. This is a good, basic, affordable window for most homes.
  • Double- Hung. These windows open both from the bottom and from the top. This allows for near-maximum airflow and easy exterior window washing.
  • These windows slide open horizontally. Only one side moves and the other half is a fixed window.
  • This style of window opens entirely, pushing the glass outside with a hand crank. You get maximum airflow with this window and it’s easy to open without much exertion which is a benefit for those who can’t push or pull easily.
  • This window is simply solid glass that does not move. It’s great for large picture windows in rooms with a pretty view. You can put other windows around it that are smaller and open for airflow, if desired.
  • This window opens with a crank and the glass tilts into the room at an angle. It’s excellent for small spaces, especially basements and bathrooms. It gets a little airflow into the room without restricting the space.
  • This style opens similarly to the hopper window, except that it opens out and hinges from the top instead of the bottom.

When you’ve decided that it’s time to replace some or all the windows in your home, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation!

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