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Why Customized Windows Are Better

Did you know that custom windows can be the best option for your home? Learn more about why you should choose custom on your next window upgrade.We all know that you can run to the hardware store to pick up a ready-made window that you could, potentially, install yourself. But in reality, every house is different and each window needs to fit perfectly into the wall so that you can avoid drafts and moisture. Ideally, each window should be custom made to fit perfectly into your home. Here are some reasons why custom windows are the best and some other thoughts to consider in your decision making process (contact us for more information).


1) They are measured to fit perfectly in your window opening. Your contractor will come and measure at your home to ensure that he or she knows exactly how big the window will need to be. They’ll take those measurements back to their shop to build a window that’s constructed just for that area of the wall.


2) You can customize the efficiency standards. Do you have a wall that faces the direct, hot afternoon sun? You can add extra elements to your windows for that wall, such as a third glass pane and another protective coating to the glass to keep the heat outside. Choose high-quality materials and mix and match for the best effects in every room in your house.


3) You can customize the look and feel of your windows. Maybe you don’t want just a plain old white, vinyl window in your living room. You might be dreaming of a breathtaking window you saw once in an old mansion in Europe. With customization, you can add an extra level of “wow” to your windows. Add in stained glass, unique shapes, etched glass, and so many other decorative factors to create a masterpiece. You can do the same with the frames, choosing high-end woods coated with a low-maintenance protective coating.


Really, if you can dream it, you can create it with custom windows!


For a custom window estimates and professional consultation, look no further than Turner Roofing!

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