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The Best Windows for Each Area of Your Home

Are you looking to add new windows to your home? Here are some considerations and tips for how to choose the best home windows for every room.Best Home Windows

There are a number of styles of windows available to choose from and they all have advantages and disadvantages. It’s important to understand the rooms in your home and how you want them each to feel and function. Windows can really make or break the ambiance of a room. We’ve put together a guide to help you analyze the different areas of your home to determine which windows you’ll want where (contact us for more information). Read on to learn more.




Many of us spend a ton of time in the kitchen. With the advent of eat-in kitchens and open concept dining rooms set next to the kitchen, it’s often that the whole family is buzzing in and out, eating snacks, baking or cooking, and sitting down for a meal. That means that you can create a lovely feeling in the kitchen to enhance your time together in that room. Choose easy-open, hand crank casement windows, as double-hung windows are just too hard to push open from over a counter. You could also install a garden box or window, bringing a little more of the serene, natural world inside to enjoy.


Living Room


This is typically the room with the view, so big picture windows are usually appropriate. Consider which direction this room is facing, as big, south-facing windows can bring in an overwhelming amount of heat in the summer. If your living room isn’t facing some beautiful landscape, focus more on functional windows that will let in air flow, such as tall double-hung windows.



Bedroom windows are typically there to let in light and to bring in a nice, cool breeze during the hot summer months. Casement windows are excellent at letting in a lot of air, as well as being a bit romantic-feeling. Double-hung windows with both ends open can also let in a lovely breeze. An awning window lets in air and can be left open during a light rain.




You can install privacy windows, such as glass blocks, but you probably should also consider letting in at least a little fresh air. Hopper windows are a great choice to add a window that can provide air without taking up too much space or invading your privacy.


Other Considerations


Take a calculated look at your rooms before choosing windows. If there is going to be harsh sunlight pouring in through a window while you’re trying to watch TV or work on a computer, it will make you wish you hadn’t placed a window in that location. Think about heat, as well. If you live in a hot climate, your windows can make certain sides of your house much too hot and uncomfortable to enjoy.


If you’re ready for new, beautiful windows, reach out to Turner Roofing for a professional consultation and estimate!

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