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How New Windows Help Save Energy

Save Money


It’s important to save money wherever possible. Rising energy costs have many people looking for ways to lower their power bills. New energy saving windows make your home much more energy-efficient. If you’re in the market for new windows, contact Turner Roofing and learn how much they might save you on your next energy bill.


Steady Temperatures


Most people waste energy without knowing it, especially during summer and winter. Extreme temperatures lead homeowners to run HVAC systems for long periods at high intensity. This wastes energy and air. The air your HVAC system doesn’t use, leaks out of your home through doors and windows.  New windows eliminate energy waste because they keep out drafts and provide protection from heat and UV rays. This keeps your home’s temperature regulated so you don’t have to rely so heavily on your HVAC system.


Energy-Efficient Designs


Environmental awareness has led to more energy-efficient window designs. Window orientation can be customized to work with the climate in which you live. If you live in a hot climate, you should purchase windows with south-facing glazed areas. This allows you to install large shading devices during summer. It also ensures the windows absorb solar heat during winter, when sunbeams may not be as powerful.

Energy Performance Ratings


Companies like Energy Star provide efficiency ratings for most new windows. Energy Star also provides a voluntary program that tests doors and windows for their efficiency.  When rating your windows, Energy Star or another company will consider the fraction of solar heat radiation admitted through them. This is also known as the solar heat gain coefficient. Your doors and windows can also be tested for air leakage, sunlight transmission, and light-to-solar gain.

Quick Ways to Save Energy with New Windows


For optimum efficiency, use north- or south-facing windows instead of east- or west-facing ones. This will take advantage of whatever climate you live in and help your windows retain natural heat when needed. Also, consider caulking and weather-stripping, which will increase your windows’ strength against drafts and eventual breakdown. To learn more about energy-efficient windows, contact Turner Roofing today.

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