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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Price Alone to Hire a Home Renovator

Why You Should Look at More than PriceIt’s tempting to choose a home renovator for the price, but there are even more important factors to consider when making your decision.

Pricing is one of the greatest influences when homeowners choose a contractor to perform their home renovations. However, the cost should only be one of several factors that you use to choose a home renovator. Here we explain three reasons why. For any additional questions, including pricing information, contact us today!


  1. There’s a reason it’s the lowest bid.

When choosing a contractor for home renovations or repairs, many experts suggest that you automatically reject the lowest bid. That’s because there’s usually a reason for the low price, and few of those are good. The contractor may be desperate for the job, use low-quality materials, hire less skilled employees, lack the proper insurance, or is trying to draw you in with a low estimate. All these things could cost you far more in the long run.


  1. Communication is more important.

When it comes to hiring and working with a contractor, their communication skills are almost as important as their technical skills. Choose a contractor who takes the time to explain their estimates, answers your questions, produces documentation (such as insurance and licensing), and who immediately alerts you to any problems that arise. When putting your home into someone else’s hands, it should be someone you feel comfortable with, who respects your concerns.


  1. Reputation is the key.

Maybe you’ve found a contractor who is not the lowest bidder, answers all your questions, and makes you feel at ease. If their bid still makes you hesitate, that’s when you test their claims and find out whether they’re worth the price. Read online reviews, but also contact previous clients and ask them about working with this contractor. If possible, visit one of their jobs in progress to get a feel for how they work. Look up their certifications and licenses–and then check the credentials themselves to make sure they are legitimate. Check with state or local consumer protection agencies and the Better Business Bureau for any reports.


The old saying, “You get what you pay for,” certainly applies when it comes to hiring contractors. Although pricing is a legitimate concern, it should not be the ultimate reason for choosing a contractor. When you hire someone to perform renovations to your home, make sure it’s someone with good communication skills and an excellent reputation.


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