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We take the extra step to provide exemplary performance as a roofing contractor. When you need quality commercial and residential roofing repairs, you can depend on Turner Roofing Company, Inc. We offer prompt and efficient repairs for our customers in the Baltimore Metro Area and Harford County area. Trust in more than 30 years of experience and contact us today!

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Residential & Commercial Repairs

Our team of experts are here to help with all your roofing repair needs.

For Residential Repairs *

We have a flat rate of $270 for the first minute up to the first hour of service. There is then an $85 per additional half hour fee if needed and plus material cost.

Commercial Repairs **

Similarly to residential repairs, there is a flat rate of $180 for the first minute up to the first hour then $85 per additional half hour if needed and plus materials.

Repairs for Everyday Issues:

Turner Roofing Company, Inc. does not provide estimates for repairs. To provide you the best craftsmanship for the fairest price, we charge by time and material. Rather than charging on an individual basis, we arrive planning to fix the roofing issue on the first visit based on the prices above. We stand by the quality of our work and do not give warranties on repairs.

* For residential repairs only credit cards are accepted.

** For commercial repairs check or credit cards are accepted.

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